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The "Guardian" holster features fully adjustable retention to get the perfect amount of retention for each individual user. It also is made from a durable yet flexible .060 Kydex making it the thinnest and lightest holster on the market weighing in at 3 ounces. Each holster comes with an injection molded IWB belt clip that can accommodate belts up to 1.75". Each holster also comes with a full length custom sweat guard cut to protect the firearm finish and aid with reholstering. The Appendix Carry Model best suits people who carry between the 12 and 2 o'clock positions on their body. Badger Concealment is owned and operated by an prior Law Enforcement Officer and a United States Army Veteran. We strive to provide quality Kydex products to the Civilian Community, Law Enforcement, and Military Personnel. If we would not wear it ourselves it doesn't ship. Feel confident that you are buying the best concealment holster out there and your also buying from a company with Integrity. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions feel free to send us a message

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    Remington RM380 Holster

    Posted by Steve Hearron on Feb 16th 2018

    I bought a holster for a Kahr cw380, liked it so much a ordered one for my Kimber micro 9. When I started looking for one for a recently purchase, i checked Badger Concealment. Didn't show one for that pistol. Emailed with question about a holster for the Remington. Got an email back that a mold had been found. Couple of days later the holster was listed on web site. Order it and received it in a few days. Good fit and workmanship like the others. Price is very fair. Will always check Badger Concealment when looking for holsters.

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    Posted by Bob W on Feb 7th 2018

    Nice to find a company making these for the P229R - not many out there, but this one is great. Fits the weapon perfectly and is comfortable for all day wear. Highly recommended. Online purchase was very easy, fast shipping.

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    IWB for CW380

    Posted by jim hetfleisch on Dec 20th 2017

    Great value, one of the few holster companies that make the holster for this model.

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    Exactly what I needed

    Posted by StuUSA on Dec 12th 2017

    This was my fourth purchase (for Glock 19, S & W Shield, Glock 43, and most recently for a Glock 43 with TLR-6). I could go on and on, but here are the main reasons why I like this product. • It clips nicely on the belt and stays there until you unclip it. I put on and remove the holster with the pistol in it. Easy and safe. • It keeps the gun secure. Even when running relay races and doing summersaults with the grandchildren. I know from experience. • It’s comfortable. I carry AIWB and these just plain work great. Full sweat protection. • It’s a sensible design. Belt clip is centered on the holster, so the gun draws out evenly with no torqueing or twisting of the holster. • It’s safe. This holster actually completely covers the trigger guard perfectly. I can’t believe some of the holsters out there – is it really that hard to do this? • The price is right. I have a drawer full of holsters just like everybody else. I’ve paid less for a holster – what a joke. I’ve paid more for a holster but didn’t really get much more. (Exception – Eidolon Raven is simply the best for my Glock 17…but the price was three times higher for it. And it certainly doesn’t slip on and off as easily.) • The shipping is fast – usually within a week of ordering. • The communication is excellent. I’ve sent an email a couple of times regarding an order (changed my mind on something) – and I got an email response in less than 24 hours.

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    Guardian Inside the Waistband

    Posted by Charlie Adams on Nov 27th 2017

    Excellent retention and extremely comfortable! Replacing all of my EDC holsters with this one.

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    Bob Murphy

    Posted by Bob Murphy on Sep 17th 2017

    I received the Gaurdian Inside the Waistband Holster and found the holster works very well and correctly fits my Glock 43. I ordered the holster with the options for the Streamlight TLR 6 and it securely holds the pistol properly . I only gave it 4 stars because after a couple of weeks of wearing the holster I noticed some soreness on my right side. I inspected the holster and found some sharp edges around the top edges of the holster. I do not want anyone to think that I am unsatisfied with my purchase and just want to point out that as with any items that makes contact with the body may need some adjustment. This is what I noticed with my holster, I was able to round over and smooth the edges of the holster with some very fine sandpaper and filing it properly. I addition to the filing I also added some of velro felt to the body side of the holster. This provided more comfort against the body with or without a shirt or undergarment. The felt also provided some ease in mounting the holster on my belt and in between my shirt and t-shirt. I would recommend this holster to any one looking for a quality holster to hold their handguns. In speaking with the owner of the company I found he was a U.S. Veteran and so I am asking all potential purchasers to support his company.

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    Guardian IWB Holster

    Posted by Bob Ebbitt on Aug 23rd 2017

    I received this holster about a week ago and it is a anexcelent product I wear it every day and I hardly know it is there. It is welll made and extremely comfortable.

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    G43 Badger

    Posted by Jeff on Jul 3rd 2017

    This isn't my first Badger. My G43 with TLR6 came with one. I liked it so I am buying one for my wife. I also injured my right hand so I need another holster (LH) for a while.